Guerra Communications, LLC / Prospect Performance – The Kings of TV Spam

Playing with site logging tools lately, and noticing a large number of you in search of information on Guerra Communications, LLC. Guess it’s time to add to my thoughts on these people and their ugly little business:

The sad fact is, there doesn’t seem to be much information or discussion about the king of television spam that is Guerra/Prospect Perfomance. With their widespread use of the same, spamlike commercial over numerous television stations and markets; their flooding of series of web addresses with the exact same page; their (now) undisguised “privacy policy” that blatantly states “this information will be shared with third parties”, and ” We will also share your personal information with selected third parties”.

Now, the commercials would lead you to believe that they take your information and match you up to the perfect home business using some sort of process that assures you a healthy income potential. The reality is that these websites all feed the database that the company sells. Please take note: If you visit Prospect Performance today, you won’t see any evidence of the product they market. But! If you take a little walk into history via the internet wayback machine, you’ll see the true face of the company. (later note: A fast search has uncovered the new home of the sales front here)

This may seem harmless to you. Hell, it may even seem like they’re doing exactly what they claim to do, passing your information to people wanting to get you involved in a home-based business. The reality of this is that most “work at home” deals available are some form of multi-level marketing scam where you will spend more time trying to sell the plan than you will marketing any products. Can you say Amway? How about Herbalife? I knew you could. Of course, the other type involves you buying a “plan” that is advertised as a way to make money. If you’ve never watched late night informercials, then you may the only person in North America not familiar with these scams. Buy my real-estate plan for $500, and I guarantee you’ll clean up in the market! (of course, these plans rarely work if you’re not the first person to exploit the market, as the hawker claims to have done). Bottom line here, if you really want to give your information to these MLM programs, letting Prospect Performance sell it for hundreds of dollars is really not necessary. Doing so will only guarantee you a long and tiresome parade of spam via email, phone, and the good old USPS. I am personally so sick of seeing their commercials I actually get angry and change channels when they appear. No station seems safe from the onslaught, and it’s become something of a hobby to track down the vast ranges of websites they use to help them determine which stations are bringing suckers to their lair.

Final note: They specifically say “The Site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control”, and yet none of the pages I visited on their site have any sort of encryption active. Not even the mlm.prospectperformance login page for paying customers. Remember, these people are asking for your personal information, and yet do not offer secure transmission of that data.

Avoid these people at all costs.

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Better Business Bureau warnings:
Work-At-Home-Schemes Now Peddled On-Line
Work-at-Home Schemes

Signs of a Work-at-Home Scamer
A Work-at-Home Scheme Promoter will:

* Never offer you regular salaried employment.
* Promise you huge profits and big part-time earnings.
* Use personal testimonials but never identify the person so that you could check with them.
* Require money for instructions or merchandise before telling you how the plan operates.
* Assure you of guaranteed markets and a huge demand for your handiwork.
* Tell you that no experience is necessary.
* Take your money and give you little or nothing in return except heartbreak and grief.