For want of a sword…

Online Gamer Stabbed for Selling Cyber-Saber

Here’s a couple of fellows you won’t see in your online RPG much anymore. One dead, one on his way to prison. Could be a simple language barrier problem: someone said “hey geek, get a life”, and old Qui either heard “take a life”, or “get a life… sentence”.

hyuk, hyuk

BEIJING (Reuters) – A Shanghai online game player stabbed to death a competitor who sold his cyber-sword, the China Daily said Wednesday, creating a dilemma in China where no law exists for the ownership of virtual weapons.

Qiu Chengwei, 41, stabbed competitor Zhu Caoyuan repeatedly in the chest after he was told Zhu had sold his “dragon saber,” used in the popular online game, “Legend of Mir 3,” the newspaper said a Shanghai court was told Tuesday.
“Zhu promised to hand over the cash but an angry Qui lost patience and attacked Zhu at his home, stabbing him in the left chest with great force and killing him,” the court was told.

The newspaper did not specify the charge against Qiu but said he had given himself up to police and already pleaded guilty to “intentional injury.”

No verdict has been announced.