Sci-Fi’s Friday Night Lineup

These bastiches just won’t relinquish their grip on me on Friday nights… yes, I admit it, I’m still and even more addicted to the lineup. One of the coolest things to note – many actors from other Sci-Fi shows are now featured in Stargate: SG-1, and Stargate: Atlantis (not to mention the “big name” stars …

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Of the IRS and tax protesters

Some days there’s just nothing interesting on TV, and I’ll kick on some good old talk radio. Today I was treated to an episode of Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily, featuring a former accountant and ex-IRS CID agent turned tax protester, Joseph Bannister. Entertaining stuff. I’ve been exposed to these arguments before, and this …

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The fall of the Western World

If you thought stupid ideas like,1413,208~12588~2969790,00.html teaching ‘ebonics’ in public schools were unique to great American liberal minds, guess again. England has their fair share of left-leaning morons… check this out: Reuters: Get ready to e-mail this one to your friends…

Interesting reading…insanity…teaching…but not sacred (Oh, and some koran ‘desecration’ thrown in for good measure)

Here’s some light reading to help relieve your radical islamic terrorism inspired anger. I picked this quote (below) because he says something that goes beyond the simple “thumbing the nose at the koran” that is Team Infidel’s claim to fame. Very clearly put… regardless of your religion, to elevate the printed word of your religion …

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President Bush and Indian Prime Minister Singh are meeting today. These are important talks, as India seeks a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, continues to work on their relations with Pakistan, and works to expand their role in the world economy.

Greed outweighs intelligence

This is so funny it’s sad. A while back I sent a joking response to a “Nigerian scam” email. Today I happened across the story linked below, outlining the sentencing for one of these fraudsters who got caught… but not until after they’d stolen $242 MILLION after promising a kickback of $13 million. The …

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Stop pretending they’re human

The linked/quoted editorial below has the right idea. When we change the way we refer to the animals committing mass-murder/suicide to “insurgent”, or “homicide bomber”, or “freedom fighter”, or “misguided religious zealot”, or what-the-hell-ever, we make them appear less like the inhuman bastards they are and make them appear more… noble?

Top ten reasons to wear your personal protective equipment

Screw reasons 2 through 10… here’s reason #1. Watch this video! (Note: Link opens a Windows media file) This video was taken by an insurgent/terrorist/scumbag sniper’s pal, sitting next to the sniper taking the shot. Try to imagine what those would-be murderers thought when their last “victim” jumped up and hit cover moments after they …

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More Wilson/Plame un-news

It’s just too entertaining to leave alone. Surely this is the work of the evil genius that is Karl Rove… NOTHING is more interesting right now than the steady insidious picking at the scab that is Joe Wilson and “secret agent” Valerie Plame.