From the mouths of babes?

Ok, folks – if you have strong opinions, that’s fine. If you want to bully those with opposing opinions, that’s fine, too. If the voicing of your opinion demands that you disregard common courtesy and degrade or demean others in the rendition of your message… well, free speech is your right, so fine.

But leave the children out of it.

What am I talking about? How about this 3rd grade assignment? (Thankfully, the school cancelled that assignment, no word on any sanctions for the teacher, though)

And are there any takers on betting this wasn’t the result of some misguided 60’s reject of a teacher’s work?

Card front
Yeah, look closely – the front is a nice, patriotic-looking hand drawn Christmas card from a “kid” to Joshua Sparling, a wounded soldier recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Several stamped images that bring thoughts of patriotism, the American spirit, and good will. But…

Card InsideThe inside is a disgusting message of hate, ending in the caring sentiment “P.S. Die”. Yes, you read it correctly. A child telling a wounded soldier to “have a great time dieing in the war”. Ugh.

The card appears to be the work of a child, but what child would write such a thing without being dictated to, or having been fed a steady diet of hate and contempt before setting to the task? Disgusting. I have nothing but sympathy for the misguided child – I can only hope “Miguel” breaks free of the brainwashing force guiding him and someday learns to think for himself.

As for whomever is responsible for poisoning the mind of “Miguel” and sending such a message to a wounded soldier – you are the lowest of the scum on the earth; you are worse than an enemy; you are below disgusting. Please, exercise your second amendment right to buy a gun and shoot yourself in the head, repeatedly, as many times as you are able. Soon.

For anyone interested in helping to brighten that soldier’s Christmas, here’s his address.
Joshua Sparling
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

I’m very sure he’s being inundated with cards, gifts, and positive sentiments, so if you’d rather spread the wealth a bit, so to speak, try this address, instead:
Red Cross
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Heaton Pavillion
Washington, DC 20307


  1. How ungrateful some people really are, and totally without regard or respect for those who sacrifice so much for them.
    What you didn’t post about this, is PFC Sparling has that card on the wall, and insists on leaving it there. What a brave man he must be, since we wants to return to his friends and the battle in Iraq.
    Thanks for posting this. For those who’d like to do something, to remember a Military person, this affords a perfect opportunity to do so, and say a special thank you at the same time.

    This is a quote from the Fox and Friends article:
    If you have the time, please try and include the others I met along with Col. North and Col. Hunt at Walter Reed:

    Capt. James Ollinger
    Sgt. Zavian Simspon
    Specialist Brian Radke
    Specialist Jason Braase
    Sgt. David Nevins
    Sgt. Jose Ramos
    Cpl. Todd Bishop
    Sgt. Ryan Donnelly
    Sgt. Eva Diane Cochran

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