Sad Search Engine Optimization Ploys

I’m not sure whether to be upset or amused.

Some chucklehead(s) using the names “castings”, “pneumatic”, “bearings”, and “fiberglass” keep dropping by and adding meaningless comments (“thanks, i get it”) in order to drop a link to their construction materials related websites. (Of course, since I’m not visiting, only reading the names, they could be porn sites!) So far, I’ve just followed behind and edited out the links, but I’m almost to the point where I’d just as soon start proactively blocking them.

Maybe if I just let the chucklehead(s) in question know that all links from comments are treated with the rel=”nofollow” tag to prevent abusive linking? Personally, I don’t think that’ll help. In fact, I’d be reasonably willing to gamble on castings/pneumatic/bearings/fiberglass adding another meaningless, innane, and frankly unwelcome comment on this post!

Who’s giving odds??


  1. It won’t matter. People that spam will just keep coming back and usually their email addresses are bogus anyways so contacting them would be fruitless.

    Block them if you can, but keep an eye out to make sure other comments are not blocked. There in lies the key of finding the right settings. Good luck.

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