ACLU does not represent a “reasonable person”

Commandments display is upheld

I always get a kick out of the ACLU’s thinly disguised attempts at converting the entire population of the United States into some form of Orwellian/Communist entity. At least this time the judges hearing the case saw them for what they are; shrieking lunatics determined to condemn anything that can’t be viewed in pleasant shades of grey.

Judge Richard Suhrheinrich’s ruling said the ACLU brought “tiresome” arguments about the “wall of separation” between church and state, and it said the organization does not represent a “reasonable person.”

I, for one, could care less about the religious implications of the ten commandments. I do, however, recognize their significance in the formation of this country, and would rather have people doing the right thing for religious reasons than not doing the right thing at all.