Albanian muslims demonstrate religious tolerance

The world has not yet acknowledged the truth about muslim intolerance, but each time a story like this crops up, the excuses for ignoring it lose more ground. What will it take for the “west” to finally connect the dots?

Planned Mother Teresa statue irks Albania Muslims

SHKODER, Albania (Reuters) – Muslims in Albania’s northern city of Shkoder are opposing plans to erect a statue to Mother Teresa, the ethnic Albanian Catholic nun in line for elevation to sainthood by the Vatican.

The dispute is unusual for Albania, where religion was banned for 27 years under the regime of dictator Enver Hoxha and where religious harmony and mixed marriages are the norm.

Seventy percent of the population are liberal Muslims, the rest are Christian Orthodox and Catholic.

But Muslim groups in Shkoder rejected the local council plan for a Teresa statue, saying it “would offend the feelings of Muslims.”

But men in one Shkoder bar said they would prefer a monument to an Albanian fighter who blew himself up in order to avoid being captured by enemy Serbs, or even to two Ottoman-era pashas remembered fondly in Shkoder.

We’re talking about a statue of Mother Teresa; Nobel Peace Prize recipient, internationally recognized for her efforts – and they’d rather erect a statue of some schmuck who blew himself up? How very fitting.