Would you trust this person with your children?

Teacher in veil
This person is a muslim teacher’s assistant who recently sued her employer (and won) for victimization after being suspended from her duties for refusing to take her mask off while teaching. Her employer is/was the Headfield Church of England junior school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, which says face to face communication is vital to their curriculum.

Well, those silly Catholics. How dare they assume the person they hired wasn’t hiding anything during the interview. How obtuse of them to not ask up front whether she would be hiding her face whenever a male colleague was in the room. After all, surely she hid her face from her male interviewer? (well, no – as she finally admits to in the television interview linked below)

Of course, if you listen to her side, it’s not a matter of not taking off the mask. It’s only about not taking off the mask when there were male colleagues around.

A Muslim teaching assistant who was suspended by her school has denied she refused to take off her veil while in class.

Aishah Azmi insisted she had always been willing to remove the veil in front of children at Headfield Church of England junior school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire – but would not do so while male colleagues were present.

And somehow this makes it all right. Obviously there’s no room in the workplace for face-to-face communication.

Notice how she tries not to answer the questions that shows her hypocrisy: Did you hide your face when you were interviewed, and was there a man present then? Did you tell them you planned to hide your face while performing the job you’re being interviewed for? Then she goes on to compare her actions to speaking on the telephone… lovely.

And this isn’t a unique situation. These backwards leaning people are all around us; they’re just being dragged into the public eye for their screwball practices more and more each day.

Here’s a lovely example of a “devout muslim” who manages to turn her desire to remain masked in public into a slam on the U.S. legal system:

Muslim woman refuses to remove her veil in court, so judge tosses case

A devout Muslim, she wore a niqab – a scarf and veil to cover her face and head except for her eyes – Oct. 11 as she contested a rental car company’s charging her $2,750 to repair a vehicle after thieves broke into it.

Judge Paul Paruk said he needed to see her face to judge her truthfulness and gave Muhammad, 42, a choice: take off the veil when testifying or the case would be dismissed. She kept the veil on.

“I just feel so sad,” Muhammad said last week. “I feel that the court is there for justice for us. I didn’t feel like the court recognized me as a person that needed justice. I just feel I can’t trust the court.”

I side with the judge on this one. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it wasn’t long ago while watching Discovery or National Geographic that I watched a program that described human communication and the reliance on facial expression and body language. It’s only natural to be uncomfortable while talking to someone who hides behind a mask.