Spare the Rod – Leave the Plane!

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read/heard about in some time.

“I want to be my child’s friend” parents + out of control child = get the hell off this plane. The little brat won’t sit down, won’t shut up, won’t do as she’s told… the parents insist they’re trying to control her (but can’t)… after a 15 minute or so delay, the aircrew gives up and informs the lovely family they need to leave the plane. For a truly wonderful, detailed version of the entire episode, check here!

Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. (Ms.?) Kulesza, the incident was your fault, and the airline did the right thing. If an adult passenger was drunk, unruly, and refusing to take his seat, would you have expected the aircrew to ignore them and take off anyway? Your little snot-nosed brat was disruptive to the flight. No one on that flight was willing or eager to put up with the delays your hellspawn was causing, despite what you claim.

I’m sorry to see AirTran backing down from their stance – but maybe it’s just lip service to satiate the rabid liberal “spare the rod” crowd running to this story.

Toddler’s temper ousts family from plane

The folks over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly” (let’s just call them “Chip”) have a lovely “post” on a similar topic. Awesome.


  1. Considering how badly some children behave on planes – It will be a sad day if a Judge does anything in the favor of this family!! The airline did all it should ever be expected to do. Guess this is a sample of the OTHER law about spanking children! Geez!!

  2. All these idiots. The brat would not be seated; a federal requirement before take-off. Parents had over 15 minutes after boarding to calm the brat, they were not successful.

    The kid is a brat. Listen to the background on news video interviews of the parents, she never shuts up. Mom also comes off like a rich brat. Losers!

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