Happy Earth Day!

Sick of all the pseudo-science being thrown at you to convince you’re a bad person? Tired of seeing Al Gore propped up as someone important while he makes money from the biggest scam of the modern age? So am I… here’s a powerful video with real scientists explaining why, while the climate may be changing, it’s not your fault:

It’s well over an hour long, and time well spent – refreshing and enlightening without the fear-mongering.

Oh yes, and it helps to explain why the scam in the first place… Al Gore is either a sucker of humongous proportion, or a willing participant in the scam. I tend to believe he’s a “useful idiot”, but he may well be an evil asshole. Hard to tell with the permanent stick up his ass.

Notable personalities in this film: Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, Professor John Christy, Lead author, IPCC (the UN organization often cited to justify the GW panic), and more intelligent people far more believable than Al Gore or even Bono (gasp!).\

I just finished watching these… enjoy!

Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off