Mandatory (indoctrination) Preschool?

I was just reminded of a conversation I listed to on the Jerry Doyle show the other day regarding the ex-President’s wife’s plan to create a forced (pre?)preschool program for four-year-olds. The talking head dope woman Jerry had on the show referred to the good in this program because “longitudinal studies” had shown that kids formed a large part of their social makeup at that age. The “logic” being they had to learn to be “responsible citizens” in a government run institution rather than at home with their parents.

Well, great, talking head bimbo. You’ve confirmed the reason for Billary’s plan… obviously the liberal, public-education indoctrination can be made more effective if we can just get the kids into the brain-washing stations sooner! What’s next? Straight from the womb to the indoctrination center? I read that book… it didn’t paint a pretty picture.

I was listening to the podcast, so there was no way for me to try to call in and point out this little factoid (Jerry, you blew it on that one!); but it seemed obvious to me that the “educational specialist” was absolutely right, just not providing the rest of the story.

And she used the term “longitudinal study” a few times too many. Of course, she was trying to lend authority to her statements, but by the definition I see, she was a few decades short on data.

Edit: Wow… I just did a google search on the phrase “mandatory preschool“. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d think the indoctrination was already well underway.

OK, I’m not… but it is.

Another Edit: I think I found out where the aforementioned “guest” gets her information… California’s “First5“, who also use the term “longitudinal study” in their materials. Of course they combine the term with the word “recent”, which really boggles my mind.