Let me guess… no teleprompter?

This guy is a laugh a minute.

ABC News: Obama’s Exclusive Interview With ‘GMA’

Obama rejected suggestions that his campaign ad was a low blow.

If we’re going to ask questions about, you know, who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily,” Obama said.

What Obama apparently meant was that McCain, not Obama, has put out more negative ads.

How many times does it have to be proven that Barack Hussein Obama is nothing but a talented speech reader?

Thanks, IMAO for pointing this out.

Oh yeah, then there’s this little zinger:

American people are a decent people. Now they get confused sometimes. You know, they listen to the wrong talk radio shows or watch the wrong TV networks, um, but they’re, they’re basically decent, they’re basically sound.

Link is to ABC news video – if you can’t stand to sit through the whole thing, fast forward to the last 70 seconds.  He’s so disgustingly condescending.