Amazing Chinese Prognostication

These guys are amazing!

China space mission article hits Web before launch – Yahoo! News

BEIJING – A news story describing a successful launch of China’s long-awaited space mission and including detailed dialogue between astronauts launched on the Internet Thursday, hours before the rocket had even left the ground.

The arcticle, dated two days from now on Sept. 27, vividly described the rocket in flight, complete with a sharply detailed dialogue between the three astronauts.

Excerpts are below:

“After this order, signal lights all were switched on, various data show up on rows of screens, hundreds of technicians staring at the screens, without missing any slightest changes …

‘One minute to go!’

‘Changjiang No.1 found the target!’…

“The firm voice of the controller broke the silence of the whole ship. Now, the target is captured 12 seconds ahead of the predicted time …

Wow… they even predicted being 12 seconds ahead of their previous predictions!  Now THAT’S incredible.  I wonder if they’re filming on the same soundstage we used to simulate the lunar landings!?