Life: More GW propaganda?

Visually interesting, pretty damned amazing series, actually. I don’t even mind listening to Oprah’s mildly annoying voice (more suited to bedtime stories than something you’d want to stay awake for). At least until they got to the part about polar bears, and had to throw in the usual “swimming for their life”, “melting ice” crap. Reminded me that I wanted to read up on something I heard earlier:

Arctic Sea Ice Melting Season Posts Latest Start on Record

April 6 (Bloomberg) — The extent of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean grew until the last day of March, the latest the annual melting season has begun in 31 years of satellite records, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center said.

Of course, this article also goes on to say the ice is still “well outside the range of natural variability,” but given the shifts in all data over the last couple of years, haven’t we seen enough to think maybe, just maybe, this is all part of a larger cycle? Or must we continue to be so damned arrogant as to believe the world revolves around us? (By “we”, I mean all of you arrogant assholes who insist every problem in the world is caused by humanity.)