The invasion continues

No, this isn’t an illegal immigration post.

A proposal to build a mosque steps from Ground Zero received the support of a downtown committee despite some loved ones of 9/11 victims finding it offensive.

What. The. Fuck?

Imagine the reaction if any non-muslim religion tried to build a house of worship ANYWHERE in Afghanistan, Iraq… oh, wait, it’s against islamic law to build non-muslim churches. Guess there’s no reason to imagine any reaction at all.

But this is America! Under Obama! We have no problem turning the other cheek. Or in this case, offering our guest house up to the assholes who burned down our residence.

Doesn’t anyone understand these animals are LAUGHING AT US while we hold the knife for them to slit our throats?

And this part is just rich…

He said the glass-and-steel building would include a 500-seat performing arts venue, a swimming pool and a basketball court. “There’s nothing like it,” said Rauf, adding that facilities will be open to all New Yorkers.

A pool for all? As long as the women wear burqinis and only swim when there are no men present (Sunday night, midnight to 3am?)

Someone explain to me why the woman’s rights groups don’t protest against the islamic savages who beat, rape, enslave, and murder their women because their sacred pedophile tells them to?