A thought on cults

A show on NatGeo TV about cults caught my attention today.

I find it somewhat amazing, but mostly disgusting that some people are so willing to give up their minds, their will, and their lives to follow a charismatic* asshole with a messiah complex.  It’s even more unbelievable in this modern day of free flowing information that otherwise normal, intelligent people can’t see the same pattern being played out again and again.  Isolation, restriction, declaration that the leader is “god” and infallible, and almost inevitably, sex with the followers.

The saddest part is that while the “followers” generally consider themselves ultra-religious, the “leader” is the ultimate atheist.  He has to be an atheist, because if he had any real beliefs in an almighty, he’s know for sure he was pissing off that god (those gods, whatever).

I suppose he could be a believer in the Roman god Bacchus.  That way as long as alcohol is involved, anything goes.

As a public service, I hereby offer this message to those under the control of “religious leaders” who may or may not realize they’re in a cult:


That is all.

* I don’t get how these people are “charismatic”, they’re mostly just disgusting.  But hey, people claim Hitler was charismatic, and he was nothing but a diminutive troll with a screechy voice who appeared constantly on the verge of a heart attack.