Tsunami panic based on “Ether”

Montana’s News Station, Coverage You Can Count On -Warning from Oregon man sends thousands fleeing in India

Sounds like a damned good reason to get the governments of those Indian/Indonesian countries a bit more up to date in the emergency broadcast game. The other day I posted regarding unheard (valid) warnings, today it’s “moron crying wolf”. I wonder how many lives this jerk is responsible for?

PORTLAND, Ore. An Oregon man confirms that his company warned India that a new earthquake could bring more destruction across Asia.
An Indian government minister calls the warning “hogwash.” He’s blaming the consulting company for a panic that sent tens of thousands of people fleeing to higher ground.

Park says he bases his research partly on what he describes as a huge supply of “ether” of the universe that he believes permeates everything and creates energy waves that aren’t accounted for by current theories of physics.