“Described by several classmates as a quiet teenager”

Shooter Obsessed With Violence

Another homicidal teenager.

The media is going to great lengths to describe the “symptoms” and “signs” that should have told people what this kid was planning. Drawing comics featuring zombies and bloody scenes of death, captions about death and blood… puh-lease. I knew several kids with the same odd imaginations when I was in school. Not one of them ever murdered anyone.

There’s more to it than some simple set of neat little categories that these murderous children fit into. I do hope someone manages to figure it out, but it’s not going to be a matter of locking up and drugging every kid with a dark imagination.

On Monday, 16-year-old Jeff Weise went on a rampage, shooting to death his grandfather and the grandfather’s companion, then invading his school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. Armed with two pistols and a shotgun, he killed nine people and wounded seven before shooting himself to death in the nation’s bloodiest school shooting since Columbine High in Colorado six years ago.