Maybe it’s time to let her go. – Court denies request to rehear Schiavo case – Mar 23, 2005

I have specifically not written anything on the topic of Michael and Terry Schiavo, because I have no idea if he’s the devil her parents have made him out to be, or if he is in fact sincere in his belief that she would simply be better off dead. I’ve been reading about the situation on blogs, and lately watched some of the controversy in the news. Most recently, congress and even the president have stepped into this ugly mess. Personally, I don’t think I have any place in it – and I’m really not sure about the country’s leaders getting involved.

But, following the lead of my Commander in Chief, I now weigh in a bit with my very own uncontestable wisdom:

Considering the numerous trials, appeals, medical opinions, elevations, and controversy, at this point, all ending on the side of Michael, why not simply let her fade peacefully away? Only the emotional arguments remain, and that’s not the way to decide anything, especially when the facts say otherwise.

My only real concern in regards to this case were the questions on whether Michael Schiavo had something to do with her condition. Apparently there is some evidence or at least suspicion that he was abusive, and some have speculated that he may have injured her in a way that brought on her oxygen-deprivation / brain damage. If there are or were any grounds for this, there should have been a criminal trial. If there is no evidence for this, the man is presumed innocent and his rights as a husband should not be questioned. Including his right (responsibility) to decide whether or not his wife should be kept alive by artificial means.

Those who continue to point out that starvation is a cruel way to die should be reminded that this is now the second time that Terry Schiavo is being starved to death. If the efforts to replace her feeding tube are successful, then sometime down the line there will likely be a third potentially fatal starvation. All this concern over her welfare might kill her. Slowly. Again.

Micahel Schiavo may be an evil, heartless bastard. He also may just be a guy in a really lousy situation. Little things like his turning down a million dollars to pass off responsibility for her care to the parents makes me lean towards the “just a guy” side. On the other hand, there’s likely to be a ton to be made from books, movies, and speaking tours once this is all over. If the million dollars came with any strings at all (there was no mention, but who knows?), then Michael could again be that evil bastard counting his gold.

The courts have decided. The appeals have confirmed. Repeatedly. Continuing to drag this out is not being merciful.

That being said, I hope I never find a reason to write on this topic again.

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request Wednesday by the parents of a severely brain-damaged woman for an expedited rehearing of the case.

Earlier Wednesday, a three-judge panel of the court denied Bob and Mary Schindler’s emergency request to restore a feeding tube for their daughter, 41-year-old Terri Schiavo.

Meanwhile, the Florida Senate rejected a bill that would restart food and hydration for Schiavo, whose feeding tube was removed Friday.