Is the administration getting the message on border control?

U.S. to Step Up Security on Border with Mexico

It looks like these guys are getting their message across. Let’s hope it’s not just a token effort to appease the public. Now let’s start charging Mexico for the cost of deportation their citizens (not likely, but I can dream), and get to work on a real security barrier to keep people from just walking in. Good fences make good neighbors… and as it stands, Mexico is most definitely not a good neighbor.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – More than 700 additional Border Patrol agents will be sent to Arizona this year to help stop potential terrorists and illegal immigrants from entering the United States from Mexico, officials said on Wednesday.

Department of Homeland Security officials said an additional 534 agents would be permanently assigned to the border and 200 others would be sent on temporary duty for fiscal 2005 to crack down on illegal immigration and disrupt smuggling operations.

The changes would boost the total number of border agents in Arizona to about 3,000, officials said.

The move comes just two days before hundreds of volunteers in an Arizona-based organization were set to start patrolling part of the border with Mexico.