The First Amendment doesn’t cover hate, treason

Terrorism Case Puts Words of Muslim Leader On Trial in Va. (

Expect the ACLU to weigh in heavily on this one.

It’s sad that the freedom that we hold so very dearly is used so often to allow vicious animals to spew their venom in our midst. There are limits to these freedoms, though… and this bile-vomiting enemy amongst us is finding that out now.

Always lovely to see a person like this described as “a respected religious leader”. Makes me wonder what I missed in all those years of Sunday school, Catechism, and religious outings I was subjected to as a kid. Funny, I don’t remember anyone ever telling me to go train for war and blow things up.

Islamic spiritual leader Ali Al-Timimi’s pen is mightier than his sword, prosecutors contend. It’s not so much his actions but his words that make him so dangerous, they say.

Less than a week after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Timimi told a group of Northern Virginia Muslims that it should train for violent jihad abroad and wage war on the United States, prosecutors say. In 2003, he celebrated the crash of the space shuttle Columbia in a message that prosecutors say reflected his view that the United States itself should be destroyed.

The government says the statements of Timimi — who goes on trial today in U.S. District Court in Alexandria — constitute nothing short of treason. But some Muslims, who are rallying to Timimi’s side through a Web site and other expressions of support, see a respected religious leader being prosecuted for his words.

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  1. Someone might try suggesting to him on his web site, if there’s spot for comments there, his next daily prayer to Allah or to whoever he prays could say:
    "Oh, Mighty one, please! Make my words sweet, as someday I may have to eat them".
    Even Flower’s Mother ( a skunk) told him if he couldn’t say something nice, not to say anything at all, and that was just a Disney cartoon called Bambi.
    That would imply even a stinker like a skunk knows when to keep his mouth shut.

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