Bothered by our “brutal” interrogation techniques?

Oliver North: Death Wish

If you truly think the United States is engaged in brutal interrogations at Guantanamo, read the linked article for a fresh perspective. Personally, I believe these animals should be forced to divulge what they know using any and all methods at our disposal – however, more “humane” people than I am in charge of that department, and in the long run, that’s probably a good thing.

The right of the American media to publish classified military information — such as that in Time magazine’s “exclusive” account from Guantanamo — is well established. During World War II, the Chicago Tribune divulged that the Battle of Midway had been won thanks to the code-breakers at Station Hypo in Hawaii. Though Americans fighting for their lives in the Pacific theater died because the Japanese immediately changed their JN-25 naval code, no one was ever prosecuted for revealing the secret.

When the liberal media and leftist portion of our population quits trying to destroy the country that gives them to freedom to be irresponsible, immature, ignorant asses; then and only then can the rest of us quit worrying where the next group of fanatics will strike.