Ohio “Insurgent” commits cowardly attack on US soldier

A common tactic employed by our military when on liberty in a potentially hostile area is known as the “buddy system”; basically, don’t be out alone, be in a group and watch each others’ backs. It looks like the state of Ohio now qualifies as one of the areas where this tactic needs to be excercised.

Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert

Foster Barton, 19, of Grove City, received a Purple Heart for his military service in Iraq. He almost lost his leg last month after a Humvee he was riding in ran over a landmine.

Barton said he was injured again Friday night in a crowded parking lot as he was leaving the Toby Keith concert at Germain Amphitheatre. The soldier was injured so badly that he can’t go back to Iraq as scheduled.

“I don’t remember getting hit at all, really,” said Barton, a member of the 1st Calvary Division. “He hit me in the back of the head. I fell and hit the ground. I was knocked unconscious and he continued to punch and kick me on the ground.”

Barton and his family said he was beat up because he was wearing an Iraqi freedom T-shirt.
According to a Columbus police report, six witnesses who didn’t know Barton said the person who beat him up was screaming profanities and making crude remarks about U.S. soldiers, Burton reported.

One witness, a friend of the alleged attacker, said Barton hit first. Police said they do not think that witness is credible since the six other witnesses said Barton was hit from behind.

I am a little curious how there can be so many witnesses, and no account of anyone stepping in to end this attack. Maybe we can get Casey Sheehan’s mother to throw her political weight behind finding and prosecuting the misguided youth. After all, she does support the troops.