Since I’ve had my share of insomnia, this strikes me as curious.

There are a number of sleep inducing products available to those who suffer from this condition. Many of them are advertised on the television, and all seem to have a few key points in common. “Do not take unless you can devote enough time for a full night’s sleep”, and “a full night is considered to be eight hours”.

But, unless you are a chronic sufferer, of which I am sure there are many – how often do you know you’re going to have a hard time falling asleep early enough where you know to take on of these drugs?

I naively bought some over the counter sleeping meds after my fourth or fifth bout with insomnia. I have yet to be able to actually use them, since it’s generally 2:00 am when I realize I’m just not going to get to sleep. If I took an eight hour sleeping med at 2:00 am, even if I was able to fight off the effects after say, six hours, I’d still be hours late for work.

So here’s my challenge to the drug industry:

In order to properly care for occasional insomnia sufferers, develop a four hour sleeping pill. I guarantee you’ll sell billions.

Thank you, and I’ll happily accept whatever small percentage of profits you deem appropriate for this wonderful idea. A free supply would be nice, too.

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  1. as a chronic insomniac, i can tell you – the stuff works. at least the ambien does, as i use it on and off as i go through bouts of sleeplessness.

    if you need a "four hour sleeping pill" get a prescription for valium. if you use it infrequently enough, it will have the same effect.

    of course, i’m not doctor lol.

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