In search of…

Mohammed BombBy now, everyone has heard about the ignorant muslim reaction to the Danish cartoons depicting their “prophet”. It’s common knowledge that the religion of Islam is so guilt-ridden and insecure that they can’t allow anything that might tempt the “faithful” to use their own minds and imaginations, let alone sit idly by while infidels poke fun at them. (If you somehow missed the news, the standard muslim death threats have been issued, masked gunmen have attacked innocent people, and the media has plenty of images of Danish flags being burnt).

But there is one specific image I can’t seem to find – the cartoon that the French newspaper “France Soir” published alongside the Danish comics. It depicts Mohammed speaking with several other religious icons (Jesus, Buddha, etc), and being told “we’re all caricatured here”, or something to that effect. I am fairly sure I saw it once, but when I wanted to write a comment and link to the image here, I could not find that particular cartoon.

Anyone have, or know where to find it? Thanks!

PS. For all you insecure muslim types (or any other religion for that matter), poke.

FS Front TopUpdate: Plenty of images of the top-half of the front page of “France Soir”, but none depicting the actual cartoon… surely there’s one brave soul willing to reproduce it?