Local Marine can keep on making music!

In case you’re that one person who missed the controversy over the “Hadji Girl” song/video, the verdict is in: Cpl Belile (the singer/songwriter of said satirical musical number) is not guilty of any infraction of the UCMJ.

US Marine exonerated for song about killing Iraqis | Reuters.com

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military will not punish a Marine who performed an obscenity-laced song to a laughing and cheering crowd of fellow troops in Iraq making light of killing Iraqis, the Marine Corps said on Tuesday.

The Marines two weeks ago launched a preliminary inquiry into whether Cpl. Joshua Belile, who returned home from Iraq in March, violated military law or rules in singing the song, a four-minute video of which was posted on the Internet.

Story courtesy Michelle Malkin, who also has Cpl. Joshua Belile’s statement on the end of this controversy.

I understand Cpl Belile and his band “The Sweater Kittenz” have been playing a lot locally – I may have to break down and head out to one of the local establishments to catch their act…