NYT takes it on the chin?

NYT to cut paper size and close plant | Reuters.com

The newspaper will be narrower by 1 1/2 inches. The redesign will result in the loss of 250 production jobs, the company said.
The narrower format, offset by some additional pages, will reduce the space the paper has for news by 5 percent, Executive Editor Bill Keller said in the article.

Good news – less room for the Times to provide aid and comfort to the enemy.

The Times will join a list of several other papers from The Washington Post to the Los Angeles Times that have reduced their size as they cut newsprint and other production costs and try to stem a loss of readers and advertising to the Internet and other media.

Gotta love how they blame their dramatic loss in readership on “other media”, and ignore their own complicity in driving readers away. “All the secrets fit to print” doesn’t seem to be selling as well as Bill Keller would like.

Here are a few hints for the Slimes.

… and here is where their stellar reporting is taking them…