There are no stupid questions!

Just disgustingly stupid people to whom the questions are directed.

I have a much more interesting article in mind regarding the calls for UN troops to “fix” things in S. Lebanon and UNIFIL which hasn’t “fixed” a thing in nearly 20 years… but I accidently caught an MSNBC talking head asking Al Sharpton (sorry, the REVEREND Al Sharpton) his opinion on solving the (current) middle East conflict.

Why does this moron get called on for his opinion? Not only has he no diplomatic credentials at all, he’s also a liar, a racist, a hypocrite, and a criminal. (Wikipedia touches on the salient points, but there’s plenty more here, here, here, and… oh hell, here.)

Sometimes I think it’s no wonder some people hate us. We demonstrate our bad judgement so often, afterall.

Have I mentioned my disdain for religion in this post yet? … oh, nevermind, it was inferred when I stressed the word “reverend” up there. Apparently, at some point in his shady past, at least a few people were ignorant enough to consider him a “man of god”. Evil masquerading as religion is not confined to islam afterall, eh? (I say that completely tongue in cheek, as it’s never been the domain of any single religion, but instead a trait they all share at some point)

Sorry to veer off on a rant there.