You’re Fired!

Whacko Mckinney
There is sanity left in the world, and this proves it.

Georgia Congresswoman Ousted in Runoff

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) — Rep. Cynthia McKinney, known for her conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks and a scuffle with a U.S. Capitol police officer, conceded the Democratic primary runoff early Wednesday in a speech that blamed the media for her loss and included a song criticizing President Bush.

McKinney, the state’s first black congresswoman, said electronic voting machines are “a threat to our democracy” and lashed out a journalists, accusing them of injuring her mother and failing to “tell the whole story.”

“My mother was hurt by someone in the press in this room tonight,” McKinney said after losing to challenger Hank Johnson Tuesday. “One of my assistants needs stitches because of the press that are in this room tonight.”

And in a perfect definition of “sore loser”, the whacko bitch’s staff members were fighting with reporters…

WXIA-TV said on its Web site that a boom microphone had struck members of McKinney’s entourage: “In the confusion, McKinney staffers struck an 11Alive photographer and knocked his camera equipment to the ground.” Earlier in the day, the station said a McKinney staffer had scuffled with another 11Alive photojournalist.