Detainee abuse scandal!

WOAI: San Antonio News – Sheriff’s Pink Duds Have Inmates Vowing to Reform

They wore pink jumpsuits and pink slippers, and one was wrapped in pink sheets. They were surrounded by pink bars and pink walls.

They were not comfortable.

Despite the cramped condition of the tiny jail, the inmates said sitting there was better than working outside, where they might be seen by people they know. Using pink uniforms in a pink jail is a small step to deter inmates from ever wanting to spend more time in the Mason County Jail, which might be getting too old to operate, said Sheriff Clint Low.

“The county would have more inmate labor without them,” said one inmate, who did not want to be identified.

“I’m not going outside in these things. It’s a good deterrent because I don’t want to wear them anymore.”

“You can make that two,” another inmate said from a different cell.

“You can probably make it three or four,” the inmate added.

Shaming convicts into changing their lives… don’t let the ACLU get wind of this, or they’ll be demanding Guantanamo-style white glove treatment for these criminals, too.