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It’s about damned time:

Regents vote to fire Churchill

The University of Colorado Board of Regents voted to terminate controversial professor Ward Churchill on Tuesday evening.

The Board of Regents passed a motion to accept the recommendation from CU President Hank Brown to fire Churchill from his position in the Ethnic Studies department.

The measure passed with an 8 to 1 vote. The vote was made just after 5:30 p.m. and Cindy Carlisle was the dissenting vote.

Immediately after the decision was announced people in the crowd booed and some swore at the board members.

Churchill and his supporters then participated in a Native American ceremony outside of the building.

It should have been unanimous… and what’s with the lovely, peaceful leftists booing and swearing? Must have been some more fake native-Americans like Churchill, showing what wonderful people they are.

“This case was an example not of mistakes, but an effort to falsify history and fabricate history and in the final analysis, this individual did not express regret or apologize,” said Brown. “This is a faculty that has an outstanding reputation and this move today protects that reputation.”

Remember, not only did Churchill write a really stupid paper blaming the 9-11 victims for their own deaths, he also stole artwork and claimed it as his own, faked his heritage to claim rights he did not deserve, and became an ugly blemish on the entire academic community.

Congratulations, U of Colorado Board of Regents – now he needs to be sued for using false credentials, theft of intellectual property, plagiarism, and being an all around waste of taxpayer dollars. Of course, they’d have to bring down a few more “scholars” to make that last one stick.

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  1. He has gained super hero status with the left because of his repugnant beliefs and statements. Now the left will believe that he walks on water. He will likely make millions from his lawsuit against the university. He will be portrayed as an underdog and martyr by the left-wing press. He will be paid millions more on the lecture circuit as the darling of extremists everywhere.

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