Hey, even Madison Avenue gets it right, sometimes!

The Few, The Proud, The Marines slogan wins

MARINE CORPS RECRUITING COMMAND, QUANTICO, Va. — Madison Avenue’s Advertising Walk of Fame now has a new member in its ranks. “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” will be forever enshrined on the famed walk, the announcement, Sept. 26, was done during Advertising Week 2007, held in New York.

Advertising Week, the largest and most prestigious annual gathering of advertising and media industry leaders in North America, has named the United States Marine Corps an inductee to the “Walk of Fame” for advertising slogans. Voting took place via the World Wide Web Aug. 28 through Sept. 25.

“This slogan reflects the unique character of the Marine Corps and underscores the high caliber of those who join and serve their country as Marines,” said Maj. Gen. Richard T. Tryon, commanding general, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. “Such recognition reaffirms the special relationship we have with the American public.”

“The Marine Corps is proud to receive this prestigious recognition. This award not only celebrates the slogan “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.,” it also is an opportunity to recognize the men and women who serve our country around the world as U.S. Marines,” said Lt. Col. Mike Zeliff, assistant chief of staff, advertising, Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

We recognize the extended Marine Corps family—former Marines, family and friends—who took the time to vote to help the Marine Corps receive this award, Zeliff added.

“During this celebration, we remember our Marines deployed around the world, their friends and families and our partnerships with agencies like J. Walter Thompson, who help the Marine Corps succeed in protecting our nation,” Zeliff said. Our heartfelt thanks for voting “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” into history as an inductee into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.