This from a “skilled political veteran”:

“How many angels dance on the head of the pin?,” she responded, continuing to giggle. “I have really, uh, nothing to … I mean, how do you answer that?”

Clinton laughs off Colombia questions

Hillary, you’re a dumbass. You really need to start doing better if you’re to help us keep Barack Hussein Obama from invading the White House.
Speaking of dumbasses, (has BHO EVER said ANYTHING of SUBSTANCE?), why are so many Americans once again so eager to place their futures in the hands of a smooth talker with no basis of leadership? No one learned anything from Carter and/or Clinton? My own sister told me she intends to vote for that particular dumbass, for NO REASON she could name.

Hey, John McCain was nowhere near the top of my list, either… but he’s only a mildly poor choice when you stand him up against HRC or BHO. All three are liberal shitheads, but at least McCain acts a little conservative – some of the time. The other two are socialists through and through, and frankly I can’t afford to support more “programs” to support even more people who aren’t willing to help themselves.

By the way, that “giggle” of Hillary’s can peel paint. Keep the volume low, or you might find out the hard way. If you wear a pacemaker, mute it completely and turn on your closed-captioning… the FDA should issue warnings.

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