The Problem with Voter Registration Fraud

Every election season we hear the polls – numbers intended to encourage the media favorites, and discourage those who would dare to vote against the liberal establishment. This year, we’re seeing report after report of the thousands of new Democrat voters signing up, compared to the dismal turnout of new Republicans.

Then there’s the little ACORN that never fell far from its tree. (Need I mention the tree’s name is Barack Obama?)

(ACORN: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)

ACORN spins out thousands and thousands of fraudulent voter registrations, and despite federal investigations, continues to operate with taxpayer (YOUR and MY) money. Every report covering this malicious group contains the convenient little caveat: It’s not illegal VOTING, only REGISTERING.

Back to those polls…

It is proven that many would-be voters won’t bother to go to the polls if they believe their vote won’t count. Faced with tens of thousands of “registered” voters for the opposition, many people could easily find themselves in that position this year. So why do even the conservative commentators continue to opine that ACORN’s nefarious activities won’t really matter in the end?

It matters NOW.

ACORN is at least partly responsible for the lower lending standards that got us in the financial rut we’re in today.
ACORN is currently in the act of defrauding the American people of their right to a fair election.

Barack Obama has had close ties to ACORN since his glory days of “Community Organizing”

Is there any surprise those fraudulent ACORN voter registrations are predominately Democrat?

Those of us paying attention are witnessing the greatest theft in the history of the world, and like any good spy novel will remind us: Sometimes it’s easiest to hide in plain sight.