I hope this isn’t the change you voted for

Remember these little gems?

Obama spells out plans for change

Obama Promises A New Dawn of American Leadership

Obama Lays Out Ethics Rules

Sure didn’t last long… is this the hope and change you wanted?

Exceptions to Obama ethics rules under scrutiny

Daschle’s Problems: When Is a Lobbyist Not a Lobbyist?

Two Obama Nominees Withdraw Their Names

WHO GETS WHAT: Taxpayers will pay stimulus costs

Poison pill “stimulus bill” full of bullshit kickbacks, tax-evading nominees to his cabinet, grand new ethics rules with special “exceptions”, even stabbing the civilized world in the back by sucking up to Iran… yeah, President Barack Hussein Obama, it’s not hard to see your Chicago political heritage in this mix.

Can we call it buyer’s remorse yet?

Note:  I’m being nice by using full title and name here… I don’t think I have to do that for long, based on the media’s use of “Bush” for the last eight years instead of the more proper President George W. Bush.  Matter of fact, I’m done… from here out (unless I slip), it’s simply “Obama”.