You’ve probably heard.  Ted Kennedy (aka. I can swim better than her!), is dead.

Yeah, he was an accomplished politician, but frankly, that’s not something to be overly proud of.  A successful man who does good things in congress would be something to be proud of.  A privileged drunk negligent-homicide-committing asshole riding the coattails of his dead brothers… not so much.

But in open demonstration of the vampire cult that is the Kennedy family, I’m watching coverage of the family smiling and waving at the ignorant masses in Washington DC as they escort the corpse of Ted to Arlington (and don’t even get me started on the Kennedy family plot in ARLINGTON).  SMILING and WAVING.

People are acting like this family is royalty.  Yeah, Camelot and all that bullshit.

I seem to recall something about this country being founded to get away from royalty.

Maybe I’m the confused one?