A tool to split an MP3 into pieces

I use Juice to download a couple of radio talk shows in MP3 format. Every night before bed I copy Fred Thompson, Mark Levin, and Power Line (when they do a show) to a flash drive to listen to on the way to and at work. Yeah, if I was one of the cool kids, I’d have a fancy smart phone with MP3 player built in. (Someday I’ll break down and spend hundreds on a damned PHONE, but not today.)

Awhile back, my workplace banned the use of flash drives on our computers, so I had to find another solution. Combined with a cheap USB->FM transmitter for the car, I can still carry my shows to work and listen to them.

There was only one problem that I was having trouble with. Neither device has any sort of controls to allow me to navigate within an MP3. If I listened to part of a show in the car, when I got to work, I had to listen to it all again at my desk in order to get to the point where I left off. If I missed something, or wanted to something again, I couldn’t get there without starting from the beginning. Far from ideal.

Aside from replacing these devices with “smarter” players, I determined that best solution to my problem was to split the files into chunks. I started with Audacity, which worked well, but was completely manual. Later, I found AudioBookCutter, which seemed nearly perfect, except for a few minor annoyances. Today I happened across the Slice Audio File Splitter, and at last, my search has ended. Not only is this program given away for free, it remembers settings between sessions, allows custom output file names, and doesn’t nag the user to upgrade. There are a few simple tweaks I’d make (I sent them in as suggestions), but overall this program is the cat’s meow. If you need to split audio files into manageable chunks, Slice Audio File Splitter is the program you need.

[note: None of the links above were solicited; I get no reimbursement from any of them. I would generate an Amazon link from my Associate account, but it’s never made me a penny, why would I want to break a trend? I wrote this article to share the knowledge of a fantastic find (IMO)]