Jack Murtha, USMC (Ret), Traitor (active)

The Arab/islamic media is eating this shit up… one of our own providing more aid and comfort to the enemy. Thanks, Jack(ass) – give the fanatics more justification for attacking our men. Salon.com News | Murtha: Marines killed civilians “in cold blood” “Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent …

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TSA shows their support for our troops

(Scroll down for an update to this story) The TSA is so screwed up, they don’t know a potential terrorist from a US Marine. Yeah, they should be checking everyone. Yeah, the Marines understand the routine and respect the need for security. My biggest question here is, why aren’t there procedures to get these men …

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Project Completion!

They’re done, to be presented tomorrow. I’m mostly satisfied considering the constraints (time and level of detail requested). Wish I was able to do more with the finish on the shadow box, and hadn’t needed to “make it up as I went along” as much as I did. Comments welcome!

May First, 2006 – Illegal Immigrant’s Protest Day

So the illegal immigration supporters want all immigrants to boycott work on May 1st. That doesn’t make much sense to me, but I guess the idea is to get as many people on board their cause as possible. Recent polls have shown a waning support for this effort among the immigrant population. Good for them. …

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Some NC college students demonstrate their support for our military

This sort of thing, when it happens on the left coast in places like Seattle, or San Francisco, it’s generally passed off as the desperate gasp of some dying hippie mentality. When it happens in North Carolina, it just makes me want to kick some punk’s ass. So how does North Carolina, home to some …

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When is a bitch, just a bitch?

Here’s one: McKinney Case Goes to Federal Prosecutor McKinney, 51, scuffled with a police officer on March 29 when she entered a House office building without her identifying lapel pin and did not stop when asked. Several police sources said the officer, who was not identified, asked her three times to stop. When she kept …

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