Happy Thanksgiving!

I was out of town over the holiday to celebrate the annual feast of the bird and give thanks for being who and where we are, sorry for being so neglectful. Maybe a few of you bothered to take the time to watch that video? Anyway… happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

“Conservative YouTubers” rolls into the top 10

Congratulations to the newly formed “Conservative YouTubers” group! As of tonight, it’s now in the top 10 and closing in on even YouTube’s own group. Too bad YouTube’s interface is so screwed up. I joined the group earlier today, but when trying to access it tonight, I get “join to participate”, followed by “you’re already …

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Sci-Fi Channel Lineup

Dr. Who (British classic; best parts kept, silly parts dumped) Heroes (NBC made it, but it belongs on SciFi!) Battlestar Galactica (Season premier tonight!) (and when their respective seasons renew…) Stargate SG-1 Stargate: Atlantis With a lineup like this, don’t expect too much out of me on any given Friday. I’m in geek heaven.

Rands In Repose: Trickle Theory

Ever find yourself too busy to get anything done? Try the “Trickle Theory”. Not even gonna quote from this one, since I’d have to quote the whole article… suffice it to say it’s worth a couple of your valuable minutes to read. Think I need to add this guy to my blogroll.

Coppermine Gallery Integration

[image:160:l] A nice view of the evening sky out my back door to test the functionality of the Coppermine -> WordPress integration plugin. This is a beta version, but so far the integration has been fairly seamless. [image:196:r] Ok, there seems to be a problem with the insertion script… and the layout on the “write” …

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The rocket’s red glare

Congratulations to NASA and the crew of STS-121 Discovery on a perfect liftoff, and a great way to celebrate Independence day! If you missed the launch, NASA has all the info and videos to watch and/or download. I joked about not going out to see the fireworks this evening, but after watching the launch this …

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L’ano Itar.com is no more; Welcome to Jonathan Murray.com!

After owning this domain for a year and doing nothing with it, I’ve finally made the leap – I am no longer hiding (I wasn’t really hiding, but it sounds more dramatic that way) behind the pseudonym of “L’ano Itar”. Please update your bookmarks, add me to your blogrolls, tell all your friends, and help …

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VA to offer Free Credit Monitoring to Data-Loss victims

Finally, the decision-makers have found it in their hearts (and in our tax dollars) to decide we deserve the protections warranted from their negligence. FirstGov.gov – What Credit Monitoring Will VA Offer? NEW: How Will VA Provide Credit Monitoring? As part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) continuing efforts to protect and assist those …

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