Slugging away with CSS

Frankly, I think it’s starting to look pretty damned good! Greymatter is a *powerful* tool, and now that I am learning to manipulate it as it was intended, I am amazed! This entire page is basically built within the Greymatter engine, using segments of html and css that are assembled by Greymatter whenever a new entry is added.

The older information ( Underlight, and parts of the AC information) is still in the old html format, so if something doesn’t work in your browser, it’s a limitation of older technology. As time permits, I’ll take a look at updating some of that to take advantage of newer ways of getting the job done.

I am currently using a script from DAoC Catacombs to display server information… so my next job is to learn to mangle the XML information on my own. The list works, as it is, but I think the display could be gussied up a little.

…and over here… this is a test to see if I have the “more” field working properly yet.


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