The insurgency in Seattle

Ok, the previous article turned up when I was looking for this one – I didn’t realize how old it was, but the comments still stand. THIS story is quite recent, and seeing the video on Fox News this evening, I am sickened. Given the clarity of the video, it’s downright amazing that these …

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Ohio “Insurgent” commits cowardly attack on US soldier

A common tactic employed by our military when on liberty in a potentially hostile area is known as the “buddy system”; basically, don’t be out alone, be in a group and watch each others’ backs. It looks like the state of Ohio now qualifies as one of the areas where this tactic needs to be …

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Religious Leaders calling for violence

Surprise! It’s not an islamo-facist lunatic calling for jihad… it’s none other than christian fanatic Pat Robertson calling for assassination. Of course, we can’t make a direct comparison, since the same article quotes religious leaders of the same faith condemning Mr. Robertson’s comments and calling on the President to do the same, not to mention …

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How’s this for a conspiracy theory?

By now we all know far too much about Casey Sheehan’s mother, and her escapades in Crawford doing her best to be a thorn in President Bush’s side. We’re all growing tired of watching the hangers-on lining up behind the impenetrable facade of a grieving mother. We’re all dumbfounded as the merciless protesters eagerly abuse …

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“She does not speak for me”

Does anyone honestly believe Casey Sheehan’s mother is representative of those who have lost loved ones fighting in the Global War on Terror? This article should at least make you think twice before ducking into her shadow with the liberal, anti-war, roll over and play dead morons on the road in Crawford.