PHP Arrays still have me befuddled…

However, I do have my Server Stats table working the way I want (it’s over there on the right, if you missed it). I am still writing it in the order read… my objective was to read the data into a multi-dimensional array and pick out the pieces for display at will. The syntax for using arrays in PHP is a mystery to me, and the references I have found are not written for someone to learn from, they’re written to enhance existing knowledge. Take a note, folks… when you write a tutorial, do NOT assume your reader already knows WTF you are talking about.

If anyone has a good reference I can get ahold of that will teach me PHP arrays from the ground up, please attach a comment and let me know! I learn a lot by picking apart working code, but when syntax is used that I can find no reference to (namely the symbols -> and => in this case), it gets very frustrating.

I’m done messing with this particular project, however I would enjoy coding some character lookup/reference tools for DAoC, and learning more about PHP just because I enjoy programming. =)