What to Salvage/Trinket for seals

VN Boards – DF Seal Salvage Research

Emerald Dirks
– cost 21 emerald seals
– salvage gives 22 adamantium
– return of 1.5609 gold per seal

Sapphire Breastplate (the second plate breastplate in the buy list)
– cost 32 sapphire seals
– salvage gives 72 asterite
– return of 5.0298 gold per seal

Diamond Longsword
– cost 15 diamond seals
– salvage gives 100 asterite
– return of 14.9033 gold per seal

… and overall, not accounting for time hinging, buying emerald seals for 1g each and trinketing from them is actually the best bang for the buck. I think I can probably farm green con mobs at fast enough rate to collect 10x as many emeralds as diamonds, too.