Sick and Tired of these “Work at Home Opportunities” Commercials

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Sadly enough, this is the only reference I have found to the obvious scam inherent in these commercials. Why do SciFi, USA, and the History Channel (and others, I’m sure) sell these people air time?

Guerra Communications, LLC is the party in question here. These people are nothing more than spammers, whom the government is at least beginning to look at, at least when they operate on the net. Their website address is slightly different depending on the station you’re watching, changes occasionally, and is indeed nothing more than a simple form which asks you to input some personal data that they put into their database and sell via their “real” business at Prospect Performance. There is no “immediate feedback”. There is no “matching you up”. There is simply a list containing the information you entered being offered up for sale to anyone willing to pay for it. If you have considered adding your data to their list “just to see”, be sure you visit Prospect Performance FIRST so you understand where your personal information is going.

Basically, they’ve taken spam out of the email (where they were probably being fined/filtered/ignored out of existence) to the cable channels. Hurray for marketing innovations.

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  1. Guess again. This is a cover for an MLM distributorship (Herbalife). They have people waiting in line to buy your informaiton – at the direction of their "leaders".

    You are correct in assuming that there is no match up. It’s virtually impossible to "match you up" unless you are geo-targeted by ZIP Code…which needless to say isn’t going to happen.

    I could go on and on about these clowns….It’s a scam on anybody who fills in the form. It’s a scam for anybody who gets involved. It’s a scam any way you put it.

  2. The cable channels run the scammers ads because they get paid lots of money for doing so. More to the point, why is the public so stupid as to give personal details on a Web form that has no information about the owner. Try doing a search for Guerra Communications, LLC. Nothing… Isn’t that a bit odd for a Web based business?

  3. Hey, well said. These adverts on TV use different "Web page below" to promote their "non get rich scheme that IS" and by tallying which web pages get more hits they can tailor their crap TV ads to markets of In-DUH-viduals who actually believe it. Also Roger on the nothing turns up on Guerra Communications, LLC searches, EXCEPT pages like this that debunk them. HERBAL LIFE… Wow, money in fake medicine!

  4. The Golf Channel is now airing the ads for these clowns. All anyone has to do is read their "privacy policy" to see what a bunch of lowlife they are."PRIVACY" takes on a whole new meaning.

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