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  1. WOW

    Amazing how those liberal pussies breed, isn’t it?

    Comon man even a reactionary can see that these morons don’t represent all libs, hell, I personally LOVED the art and science of dodgeball. After sitting in a classroom getting the touchy-feely liberal agenda shoved down my throat about how slavery was so good for the African savages and how the Native Americans were “tamed and civilized” by white influence I just wanted to go out there and kick some ass! /sarcasm off

    But seriously, these jerkoffs really need to get a life. If they don’t want their kids participating in the primal dodgeball ritual let them opt out for basket weaving or some other no-contact feminizing activity, perhaps dollhouse time would be good for the soul?

    Basically what I’m trying to say here is that the people who are for this silly change to school policy aren’t “liberal pussies” they are just overprotective parents who are going to fuck up their kids anyway, and just want to take everyone else along for the ride.

    /hops into his Corvair, loads his gun and heads to Montana….

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