Ooh-Rah, Walmart

Wal-Mart Helps Sell the Marine Corps

While the http://www.detnews.com/2005/autosinsider/0503/13/C01-115531.htm unions harass the Marines, their greatest nemesis, http://www.walmart.com/ Walmart goes out of its way to support the Corps.

Personally, I tend to avoid crowded shopping centers, but for this I may just have to swing by Walmart and watch the show.

MARINE CORPS RECRUITING COMMAND, QUANTICO, Va – The next time you’re at Wal-Mart shopping for a new television, don’t be surprised to see a few Marines in their combat utilities in the home theater department.

No, it’s not a military exercise. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. recently approved the airing of two Marine Corps public service announcements, “Family Photos” and “For Country.” Both spots vividly highlight the efforts of the Corps’ active duty and reserve Marines and its veterans who’ve made contributions to the Corps’ legacy.