I haven’t looked around, but… has anyone bothered to say “Sorry”?

The results of Terri Schiavo’s autopsy were released today.

The report says she wasn’t abused, so everyone say “Sorry, Michael”.

The report says her brain had been reduced to about 1/2 the size of a normal brain. There was no chance of her ever being a living, thinking being. Everyone say “Sorry, Michael”.

The report also says there was no chance of her mindless shell living without a feeding tube. Once again, “Sorry, Michael”.

And most importantly of all… I think a whole lot of people need to say, “Sorry, Terri”.


  1. This is an issue that will never be settled, since it was an issue of a handicapped person, with no means of speaking for herself any longer. Since the families couldn’t agree on what she would have wanted, it turned into a media circus, and divided so many people, based on their religious, moral, and legal beliefs. This example is all the more reason to teach us all to leave our wishes written out, so there’s no doubt about what we want to happen if we should find ourselves in in a similar position.
    Your points are very valid, and well stated.

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