Have you seen my Red Planet?

Approaching Mars

Ok, so was someone in Hollyweird http://www.waroftheworlds.com/ thinking about this (War of the Worlds movie in theatres 29 June 2005, in case you can’t see the connection), or is it merely coincidence?

Mark October 31st as the best day of all: Mars will rise at sunset, hang overhead at midnight, and “blaze forth against the dark background of space with a splendor that outshines Sirius and rivals the giant Jupiter himself.” That’s how astronomer Percival Lowell described a similar close encounter in the 19th century.

Can’t wait? Don’t. You can see Mars any clear morning this summer. We recommend Wednesday morning, June 29th. Mars and the fat crescent Moon are going to have a pleasing close encounter in the dawn sky. Look for them rising in the east around 4:30 AM; the sight will absolutely wake you up.

Sadly, Tom Cruise’s ties to L. Ron Hubbard’s http://www.xenu.net/ cult of scientology have reduced my desire to donate even a penny to his efforts, so I won’t be running to the theater to see this one. Fortunately I can always fall back on Orson Welles’ http://sounds.mercurytheatre.info/mercury/381030.mp3 original broadcast for some good old fashioned, hysteria and panic invoking entertainment.

Being on the East Coast, I guess Wednesday morning I should be out on the beach waiting for our martian conquerors to come and take me away, huh?

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  1. May I suggest taking along some good sun block in the event the Martains are running a little behind schedule? They must have a lot to do these days, between movie contracts and flying UFOs around in space 🙂

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