This just in. Jennifer Griffin, a reporter for Fox News (or an affiliate, but her comments were broadcast on Fox News) is a dispicable, attention grabbing bitch.

Why, you ask? It’s quite simple. I’ve never seen, nor heard this piece of trash talk before, nor do I want to again (I guess I should qualify that… if I have seen or heard her before, she failed to stand out in any way). Her voiceover was the host of some footage of Israeli soldiers evacuating a group of citizens who didn’t want to leave. The Israeli soldiers were the picture of restraint, using the utmost care to harm no one, crying along with the people they were sent to move, and begging the people to go peacefully. So what did Jennifer Griffin add to her monologue? Why, a direct comparison of the actions of Israeli soldiers to the treatment of Jews by Hitler’s nazis, of course.

Pardon me, but that’s just fucking disgusting. Agree or disagree with the Gaza pullout (I happen to disagree), there is no reason to make that particular comparison, and every reason to not make it. My next piece of writing will be a letter to Fox News calling on someone to verbally bitch-slap Jennifer Griffin for her appallingly inaccurate, and extremely sickening simile.

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  1. Love your post. 🙂 While I also disagree with the Gaza pull-out, FOX news (ANYONE reporting, it makes no difference) never ceases to amaze me…in a negative way. :crazy: The things said on this station time and again reveal that insensitive fucks write the idiot cards that these people read.

    Good blog, keep it up!

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