Yes, I am still alive

It’s great to see that last post generated some interest – for those that got the joke and appreciated the patriotic (if a bit morbid) humor behind it, thank you for your comments! For those whose sour, un (or anti) American attitudes forced them to say something that would get their ass kicked at any baseball game, Nascar race, rodeo, or good old fashioned pig-picking… screw off. Anonymity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

The site will stay, and this site will remain on the blog lists as long as credits I’ve accumulated will last. If you’re bored of seeing the same front page, try making a little effort and browsing the archives – there are hundreds of entries, some long, some short, some funny, some not so… When I am able and feel up to it, I’ll post something new and interesting, but the pace I once held to is just not likely to return for awhile.

A quick rundown if you’re looking for opinions:

I’m glad John Roberts got easily confirmed as the new Chief Justice of SCOTUS.
I’m glad the hurricanes didn’t do more damage than they did.
I’m saddened at the amount of damage and destruction they did do.
I’m sorry that so many people were not able to get out of the path of the storm when they were told to.
I’m completely disgusted with that worthless asshole who calls himself the mayor of New Orleans.
I’m almost as disgusted with that wench who calls herself the Governor of Louisiana.
(the previous two sentiments would each be lessened if those two would simply agree on something and work together, instead of against each other and everyone else trying to render assistance)
I’m amazed at the audacity of people like Louis Farrakhan and Kanye West.
and finally
I’m more proud than ever of our men and women in uniform; be they fighting the war against terror or helping in disaster recovery efforts, they kick ass each and every day.

Semper Fi.